About Us

Moonraker Preserves is an independent maker of a varied range of unique and unusual preserves. We make all of our preserves in our small country kitchen, contained within a converted barn circa 1700, and all are made in small batches, by hand, using the open pan method. This is in order to preserve the best of the wonderful fruits and vegetables that go into all of our products.

Based in West Dorset, although producing and selling in Buckinghamshire as well, we try to utilise as many local resources as possible as well as taking advantage of some more 'exotic' flavours and ingredients. We use many home grown ingredients from our own garden near Dorchester but also raid the gardens of our family and friends in Dorset and Buckinghamshire (Chalfont St Peter) to include as much organic and home grown produce as possible.

We currently use the following home grown, locally grown or foraged ingredients:

Bramley apples
Butternut squash
Scotch bonnet chillies
Dorset Naga chillies
We are a strictly family run business with Dad doing all the cooking, Mum helping to make everything look gorgeous, our 4 year old son being ‘Chief Taster’ and our 10 months old daughter trying to distract us as much as possible!! We even have Nana providing 'free labour' at a lot of our events and Grandad working as our in-house IT Technician/Consultant.

We love trying new ideas and flavour combinations and this means our range seems to ever expand. There are many firm favourites which we continue to make regularly but a lot of our preserves are only available at certain times of year according to seasonality.